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Where to Buy

Powerbrace products are sold worldwide direct to trailer manufacturers. Powerbrace products are also supplied for service and repair through authorized aftermarket distributors. Authorized distributors covering the U.S., Canada, and Mexico can be found below.

United States –

Powerbrace North American Distrbutors

Distributor Phone Number Website
Aurora Parts & Accessories 800-621-7949 auroraparts.com
Great Dane Aftermarket Parts 800-457-0770 greatdanetrailers.com
New Life Transport Part 800-748-0369 newlifeparts.com
Stoughton Parts 800-227-5391 stoughtontrailers.com
Utility Aftermarket Parts 800-423-6515 utilitytrailer.com

Mexico –

Distributor Phone Number Email
Merik, S.A. de C.V., Matriz 52-55-5333-9900 amerikanskas@merik.com.mx
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