Truck Bodies

No matter what cargo you carry, Powerbrace makes the products you need to keep it safe and secure. Our lockrods, compression latches, hinges, and theft deterrent products are available in a variety of materials and finishes for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications.

Designed for (Lasting) Looks

With a variety of design and finish options, Powerbrace offers just the right look to match the needs of your truck body.
Powerbrace provides more stainless steel products than any other manufacturer, including heavy-duty 1-inch lockrods and light and medium duty ¾-inch models. Stainless steel is also provided as an option to meet your unique aesthetic needs.
If corrosion is a concern, Powerbrace’s line of hot dip galvanized carbon steel products helps prevent corrosion due to damp weather and salt (from salted highways or salt-water coastal areas).

cargo van on highway

Where Functionality & Quality Intersect

All lockrods should ensure that the swing door is closed and secured for the duration of the journey. That’s a given. But Powerbrace door securement products do so much more.

When you choose Powerbrace, you can rest assured that your truck body door securement products are of the highest quality and will continue to function without issue for years to come. Powerbrace’s products are made to suit a variety of applications, so whether you’re looking for door securement products for a refrigerated unit, a pressure-sealed unit, or other unique features, we have you covered.

We know using swing doors with platforms or liftgates can be tricky. Our PlungeLOK is specifically made for these applications. The PlungeLOK provides less interference, less play, ease of use, and more leverage.

In addition, we offer ¾” lockrods for light and medium duty truck bodies requiring a lighter weight and more economical option.

Our capabilities Extend to Other Applications

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