Reliable Lockrods

Turn to the experts at Powerbrace when you need easy-to-use, safe, and reliable locking mechanisms for your trailer swing doors. Since 1960, we’ve been a leader in designing and manufacturing the highest quality lockrods, and our friendly, knowledgeable team is always available to answer questions and guide you to the best solution for your unique needs.

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Lockrods for many applications

Powerbrace lockrods are designed for a variety of different applications, including truck trailers, specialty trailers, truck bodies and intermodal, and provide positive anti-racking control in every direction.

Available in plain or galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, our lockrods come in custom lengths to address your unique requirements. Also, if you’re looking for components to build your own lockrods, our lockrod kits are a great option.

Types of Lockrods

We offer a wide variety of lockrods in various weights, finishes, sizes and lengths. Select an option below to view available products and details.

All Lockrods are Not Created Equal Parts of a Lockrod

What makes ours superior are our unique designs and quality manufacturing processes. Powerbrace has been the premier manufacturer of heavy-duty door securement systems for over 60 years. We offer more lockrod models than any other manufacturer in the world. We deliver superior components and workmanship.

Powerbrace factory assembled lockrod models are manufactured to exacting standards and are tested to AAR Specifications for U.S. and Canadian trailers and domestic containers. All Powerbrace lockrods meet or exceed end-wall force requirements prescribed by the American Association of Railroads (AAR). AAR specifies minimum door locking strength to prevent cargo spillage that can result from the pressure of shifting loads against the inside of the door. Powerbrace door hardware is tested to AAR M-930 (for containers) and M-931 (for trailers).

Lockrod assemblies are typically welded complete with top and bottom cams and lever assembly. Lockrods may also be ordered without a top cam (Top End Loose TEL).

Keepers, specific to the lockrod model, are ordered separately. All our lockrod models feature heavy-duty high-yield (55,000 psi minimum) low alloy tubing for maximum strength, long life and optimum performance. Standard finish is Hot-dip Galvanized, but other finishes are also available.

“Snap-in” Acetal anti-seize bushings used with guide plates and rod guides allow easy assembly and smooth operation and prevent galling and eliminate the need for lubrication.

3/4 inch aluminum lockrod showing handle with grip

What to keep in mind when Ordering Lockrods

  • Mounting components should be ordered for each lockrod and are all ordered separately.

  • One rod guide is usually used per lockrod. If additional rod guides are required, you must specify that. Order two half bushings for each additional rod guide ordered. 

  • Keepers are available in several mounting options, finishes and materials. Please talk to our Powerbrace Customer Service or see the respective chart under each model.  Keepers are ordered separately. 

  • Standard mounting components usually used with each 1″ lockrod (same finish as the ordered lockrods) are as follows:

  • 2 – guide plates
  • 4 – guide plate half bushings
  • 1 – rod guide
  • 2 – rod guide half bushings
  • 1 – seal plate
  • 1 – seal pin

Available Kits

If you’re looking for components to build your own lockrods, our lockrod kits are a great option.

Lockrod Options or Assembly Kits

  • Custom Manufactured

    Factory-assembled lockrods built to your exact length specifications with both cams and riveted handle assembly factory welded. Just add mounting hardware.

  • Top End Loose

    Factory-assembled lockrods built to your exact length specifications with bottom cam and riveted handle assembly factory welded. Just add top cam and mounting hardware.

  • Lockrod Assembly Kit and Tubing

    Each Powerbrace lockrod assembly kit includes all components needed to build and mount one lockrod (tubing sold separately). Combine your Powerbrace lockrod assembly kit with Powerbrace high yield 55,000 psi pre-galvanized heavy-duty alloy tubing and your lockrod repair solution is complete.

Mid-Cam Lockrod Assembly Kits

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Powerbrace mid-cam assemblies reach out and grab bowed and warped doors pulling them together for a tight seal.

  • Triple-seal mid-cam door locks

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized finish

  • Recommended addition of extra rod guide with two half bushings

  • With or without barrel

  • Mid-Cam lock kits include barrels (P/N P41035) for field attachment to completed lockrods. Kits are available without barrels for lockrods manufactured with barrels.

Lockrod Resources

Cam and Keeper Wall Chart

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