How To Select a Lockrod Model Type

What to keep in mind when Ordering Lockrods

  • Mounting components should be ordered for each lockrod.
  • One rod guide is usually used per lockrod. If additional rod guides are required, you must specify that. Order two half bushings for each additional rod guide ordered. Keepers are ordered separately.
  • Keepers are available in several mounting options, finishes, materials and offsets. Please talk to our Powerbrace Customer Service or see the respective chart under each model.
  • Standard mounting components usually used with each 1″ lockrod (same finish as the ordered lockrods) are as follows:

    2 – guide plates
    4 – guide plate half bushings
    1 – rod guide
    2 – rod guide half bushings
    1 – seal plate
    1 – seal pin

If your problem/challenge is...

Choose this lockrod model type:

... Dual-Lobe/Zero-Torque Maximum Reach/Maximum Gather Saddle Cam
Shifting/AAR requirementExcellentGoodGood
Narrow HeaderSatisfactoryExcellentExcellent
Resistance to dock damageExcellentGoodSatisfactory
Closing a racked trailer doorGoodExcellentGood
Open frozen (Stuck) doorsExcellentGoodSatisfactory
Stiff seals on doorsGoodExcellentGood
Increased securityExcellentNot AvailableNot Available
Economy (lowest cost)GoodGoodExcellent
Special finish stainlessAvailableAvailableAvailable
(ISO Requirements) Live cargo trailersExcellentSatisfactoryGood

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