Specialty Trailers

Powerbrace offers the strongest, most reliable swing door security products for your specialty trailer needs. From horse and livestock to utility trailers, our lockrods, compression latches, hinges, and theft deterrent products are made to the highest quality standards and are built to last.

Horse Trailers

Horse trailers require a high grade of door hardware to help ensure valuable animals are transported safely. We deliver with an ideal line-up of door securement products suited for all your horse trailer manufacturing and repair needs.

Livestock Trailers

Livestock trailers must be able to handle large animals that often shift their weight and sometimes slam against trailer doors. Powerbrace’s heavy-duty door securement products ensure your livestock trailer doors will remain secure no matter what type of beating they may take!

Utility Trailers

Secure your utility trailer doors with Powerbrace’s strong, durable lockrods, hinges, and compression latches. Our door securement solutions are ideal for companies that manufacture or repair utility trailers and are available in steel (plain or galvanized), stainless steel, and aluminum to meet your specific needs.

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