How to Order a Powerbrace Lockrod

Required Information

Because of the wide variations in trailer doors, we need special information from you when you order lockrods. To make sure that you receive the proper lockrods for your needs, we require the following information:

Order Example Typical Lockrod Order

Cam Center Length:110.56″
Lever Height:14"
Finish:Hot-dip Galvanized

This is the lockrod model that you need, for both the bottom cam and top cam. The bottom cam is listed first. (For example, you would specify HV-SH, with HV signifying the bottom and SH signifying the top. Another example is DL-NH. (DL is the bottom, NH the top.)


This specifies the left hand (LH) or right hand (RH), describing whether the lever is to the left or right of the lockrod when in the closed position. Left Hand means the lever is to the left of the lockrod, or Roadside for rear doors. Right Hand means the lever is to the right of the lockrod, or Curbside for rear doors.

Cam Center Length

This describes the length from the center of the bottom cam to the center of the top cam. Please measure accurately. For example, a Cam Center Length could be 110.56″.

Lever Height

This is the position from the center of the bottom cam to the center of the lever. For example, lever height could be 14.00″.


This indicates the material and coating of the lockrod. Options include plain or electropolished aluminum; plain, galvanized, or zinc plated; and plain or electropolished stainless steel.


Please specify the number of lockrods that you want to order.

Additional Considerations

When ordering lockrods, you should be aware of the following:

  • Lockrods can be ordered with or without mounting components.
  • One rod guide is usually used per lockrod. If additional rod guides are required, you must specify that. Order two half bushings for each additional rod guide ordered.
  • Keepers are ordered separately. Keepers are available in several mounting options, finishes, materials and offsets. Please talk to our Powerbrace customer service department about the proper keepers for your trailer needs.
  • Standard mounting components usually used with each lockrod (same finish as the ordered lockrods) are as follows:

    2 – guide plates
    4 – guide plate half bushings
    1 – rod guide
    2 – rod guide half bushings
    1 – seal plate
    1 – seal pin

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