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Trailer swing door security products that are so strong they can ride out a tornado!

Watch this video and see why we can make that claim.

Schneider trailers shown here in Dallas, Texas on April 4, 2012 moments after a powerful tornado ripped through their depot, lifting trailers hundreds of feet in the air. Notice trailer end frames are clearly still intact despite riding out the brute force of the tornado. Powerbrace lockrods and hinges are used on Schneider trailer end frames.

Find the right solutions to your trailer door securement needs.

View products by type (lockrods, hinges, compression latches or theft deterrent products). Search for products by your particular application category (vans, truck body, horse, utility, livestock or intermodal). If you know the part number/part category you can also find products by using our product search feature.

Why should you buy our products? Simple. The strongest, best-performing products for your trailer swing door. Period.

Powerbrace has the most advanced systems for safely securing trailer doors in the world. All Powerbrace product offerings can be found on this site. Visit pages within to view available products, watch instructional videos on proper loading and unloading of lockrods.

Our ISO 9001-2015 certification ensures that you will be receiving only parts manufactured and assembled to the highest standards in the industry. You are assured that the trailers you are manufacturing or repairing will have the highest quality parts available going into them.

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Recognized Quality

We manufacture only the best.

We put our name and part number on all our parts so you can be sure you are getting the best trailer door securement products in the world.

Innovation Leader

You can rest assured that our certified parts for securing your trailer swing doors will outlast the anticipated life of the trailer you are manufacturing and will outperform all competitive product offerings.

Powerbrace developed the door locking mechanism (lockrods) for trailers/containers doors in 1913.

Trusted Performance

When you have Powerbrace products securing your trailer swing doors, you can be sure the drivers will appreciate it.

The innovative designs and performance of our door hardware products allows doors to swing easier and last longer.

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