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For over 60 years Powerbrace has been the premier Original Equipment Manufacturer of light, medium, and heavy-duty door securement products for cargo that is shipped by trailer or container. The Powerbrace product line offers custom fabricated lockrods, lockrod assembly kits, steel, aluminum and polymer hinges, compression latches, an extensive offering of mounting hardware options and an array of theft deterrent products.

Powerbrace Corporation officePowerbrace improvement teams have consistently developed innovative solutions for providing better products and better service to all Powerbrace customers.

Powerbrace Corporation operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the design, manufacture, and distribution of trailer hardware and associated components.

After Powerbrace Corporation of Kenosha, Wisconsin recently acquired a grating company in Dallas, Texas, they renamed it Miner Grating Systems, a Powerbrace Company. They will continue to operate from its 120,000 square-foot factory in Dallas and are the leading manufacturer of metal grating products. Powerbrace is a wholly owned subsidiary of Miner Enterprises, headquartered in Geneva, Illinois, a supplier to the railroad industry since 1894. In addition, the Powerbrace Rail Products Division has a manufacturing facility in Mexico (Saltillo, Coahuila). In addition to Powerbrace Corporation, other Miner Enterprises business units are Miner Elastomer Products Corporation of Geneva, Illinois and Autoquip Corporation of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

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Powerbrace is a member of the following trade organizations:

NTEA the association for the work truck industry
NATDA North American Trailer Dealers Association
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