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Cargo Security

Security Plus Theft Deterrent Plates

On applications using standard 11 3/8-inch lockrod spacing. Theft Deterrent Plates can be bolted to the door under the guide plates that secure the lockrods. Once a padlock is attached through the Theft Deterrent Plates, it is protected from bolt cutters and hacksaws. For extra protection a security seal/security bolt can also be added.



• Installs near the bottom of the door for easy access
• Uses existing guide plate bolt holes
• No additional holes to drill. Limits water intrusion into door panels
• Fewer holes and fasteners mean streamlined manufacturing
• Theft Deterrent Plates can be added at the time of lockrod installation or can be retrofitted to existing trailers


This security option provides a way to secure the door seal directly at the cam and keeper, instead of at the lockrod handle. Holes are provided through the cam and the keeper, which line up when the lockrod is in the closed position. The securty seal is then attached through the cam and keeper, making the door impossible to open without the seal being broken.


• Compatability with Powerbrace DL or CT lockrod models
• Accepts barrier and intergrity seals
• Requires only one RH Secura-Cam/Keeper Assembly per end-fram


Interior Theft Deterrent Plate

The Interior Theft Deterrent Plate is stiffer and lighter than conventional non–ribbed plates, provided added strength and security.



• Easy bolt-on installation with standard door fasteners and tools
• Hot-Dip Galvanized for resistance to corrosion

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