Celebrating 60 Years of Innovation

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Powerbrace Corporation Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation.

Powerbrace Corporation of Kenosha, Wisconsin will reach another milestone in 2020. They celebrate 60 years of manufacturing trailer swing-door securement products.

Their legacy of door securement dates back to 1913 when their parent company, Miner Enterprises, developed and patented the first “lockrod” for use on rail cars. In 1960 Miner created the Powerbrace brand that has been attached to lockrods, hinges, and other products for trailer door locking systems ever since. Constant innovation has been their hallmark, starting in the truck-trailer/truck body industry, then in the horse, livestock and utility trailer segments. Today Powerbrace is the premier manufacturer of lockrods with over 100 lockrod combinations for its customers. Being “the original” lockrod manufacturer and making all their lockrod models in America, Powerbrace can deliver custom products quicker than any competitor—typically within 14 days, even faster if necessary.

There are many different models of cams and keepers in various combinations for both the top and bottom of a lockrod. All models are available in galvanized steel, some models are available in polished stainless steel, and one model is available in aluminum. Lockrod add-on options such as Anti-Rack rings and Midcams are also available. Their tagline—“More OPTIONS, Better SOLUTIONS”—reflects all these choices.

Recognized as the leader in the industry, Powerbrace has earned a reputation for quality innovative products and customer loyalty. They have set the industry standard for lockrods with their zero-torque concept. The 1-inch zero-torque design provides the strongest and safest cargo security available. The more pressure applied to trailer doors from the inside (such as when an animal shifts its weight against the door), the tighter the cams and keepers engage.

A 3/4 -inch steel or aluminum version is ideal for medium-duty applications. A space-saving, narrow keeper design allows lockrods to be mounted either vertically or horizontally in almost any limited-space application.

Powerbrace has an excellent reputation and dependable product line for lockrods and hinges. “Powerbrace has long been a quiet resource for assistance and answers to questions for its customers,” explains Brian Senn, Director of Business Development. He wants all customers and potential customers to be aware of all the services Powerbrace offers. “As part of our mission to help our customers solve door securement challenges, we are available to answer any and all questions they may have. We have an in-house staff of designers and engineers, who love to attempt to engineer a solution for unique challenges,” Senn says.

Powerbrace engineers can rise to a challenge. For example, their products have been used on a wide range of applications—from trailers with restroom/shower facilities to the less typical, malt house vat door. Powerbrace has created solutions using their lockrods to fit applications as small as 9 inches to lockrods over 200 inches! “Powerbrace’s innovative teams are available to help you solve any swing-door securement challenge or problem or to answer questions,” says Senn. Just ask. They will provide samples and CAD models.

“Powerbrace Corporation is extremely proud to be marking our 60th anniversary—a significant milestone that few organizations achieve,” states John Swezey, President and General Manager of Powerbrace Corporation. “To our employees, customers, stakeholders and friends, we thank you for your continued commitment to Powerbrace Corporation. The achievements of this organization are the results of our combined efforts, and we look forward to continuing to provide engineered solutions and passionately answer the call to help identify opportunities and solve the challenges that present themselves within the markets we serve. Here’s to another 60 fantastic years.”

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