Hinge, 2-3/4" Width x 9-1/2" Length, 1-3/8" Offset, Weld-on, Aluminum
P108600 - No-hole, Aluminum


Hinge, 2-3/4" Width x 9-1/2" Length, 1-3/8" Offset, Weld-on, Aluminum

Features & Benefits

Powerbrace offers a variety of choices in aluminum hinges whether for large vans, specialty trailers or truck bodies. Glide-Pro Extruded Aluminum Hinges feature patented flanged bearings that make trailer doors swing easier (reduces back strain) and keeps doors properly aligned reducing racking and seal wear. Glide-Pro Extruded Aluminum Hinges are proven to reduce wear and protect doors better than conventional hinge assemblies because the patented bearings keep metal parts from touching. No wear due to metal-to-metal contact. No frozen doors due to rusting or sticking as with conventional steel hinges. And since there is no dissimilar metal contact, our extruded aluminum hinges provide superior corrosion resistance. Aluminum offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio, especially in medium-duty applications. Aluminum offers a better looking finish than galvanized steel and it can be optionally electro-polished for a brighter finish. This option gives the look of polished stainless steel at a fraction of the cost. Aluminum maintains it appearance longer since it will not rust like steel and has a lower potential for corrosion than stee
Part Numbers

P108600 - No-hole, Aluminum

Use Part With

Hinge Pin, 1/2" x 4", Drilled (Use with 2-3/4" Hinge)
Hinge Bolt, 1/2"-13 x 4" (Use with 2-3/4" Hinge) 50/pk
Hinge Butt, Bolt-on, Aluminum (Use with 2-3/4" Hinge)
Hinge Butt, Weld-on, 1-7/8" Offset, (Use with 2-3/4" Hinge)
Hinge Butt End, Weld-on, 5/16" x 1/2", 1-3/8" Offset (Use with 2-3/4" or 4" Hinge)
Bearing, Flanged, Keyed, (Use with Aluminum Hinge)


Sizes: 2.75"
Styles: Weld-on
Materials: Aluminum