P108845RB Hinge Assembly, HDG (1/bag)
P1506- Hinge Assembly, HDG (1/bag)


P108845RB Hinge Assembly, HDG (1/bag)

Features & Benefits

Assembly comes with 1 each: P108845RB, P1156065, P1054133, P1054013 and 2 each P10872.
Part Numbers

P1506- Hinge Assembly, HDG (1/bag)

Use Part With

Hinge Pin, 1/2" x 5-1/4", Drilled, (Use with 4" Hinge) 50 per pack
Hinge Butt, Weld-on, 1-3/8" Offset, Intermodal, (Use with 4" Hinge)
Hinge Butt, Weld-on (Use with 4" Hinge)
Hinge Butt End, Weld-on, 5/16" x 1/2", 1-3/8" Offset (Use with 2-3/4" or 4" Hinge)
Bearing, Flanged, No Key, (Use with Steel Hinge)
Bushing, 1/2", (Use with 4" Steel Hinge)
Washer, 1/2" Hardened


Sizes: 4"
Styles: 4-hole Bolt-on
Materials: Steel (Galv.)