Keeper, WS/FC, Bolt-on, 0" offset
P4064005 - HDG


Keeper, WS/FC, Bolt-on, 0" offset

Features & Benefits

Suited for both rear and side door applications and is an excellent choice where severe-duty service is not required. Can be used for both 3/4-inch side and rear door applications, as well as 1-inch rear door applications. Offers maximum reach and gather to square racked end-frames and/or warped doors. Cams can reach keepers 2 inches from lockrod centerline. Provides opening leverage to free stuck or frozen doors, or overcome stiff or frozen seals. Ideal for light- and medium-duty applications where maximum reach and gather is important. Keeper height: 1.0 inch
Part Numbers

P4064005 - HDG

Use Part With

Cam, FC, 3/4-inch, Universal LH/RH
Cam, WS, 3/4-inch or 1-inch LH Top/RH bottom
Cam, WS, 3/4-inch or 1-inch RH Top/LH Bottom


Styles: Bolt-on
Materials: Steel (Galv.)