Keeper, SG, Weld-on, 0" offset
P43997 - SS


Keeper, SG, Weld-on, 0" offset

Features & Benefits

Reach and Gather Model designed for high-cube trailers and domestic containers. Cams can reach keepers 2-1/4 inches away from lockrod centerline. Offers maximum reach and gather to square racked end-frames and/or warped doors. Provides opening leverage to free stuck or frozen doors, or overcome stiff or frozen seals. Keeper height: 1.0 inch - 1.4 inches with flare
Part Numbers

P43997 - SS

Use Part With

Cam, SG, LH Top/RH Bottom
Cam, SG, RH Top/LH Bottom


Type: Reach and Gather
Styles: Weld-on
Materials: Stainless Steel