Cam, SC+, Dual Ferrule, RH, Performer Series
P44661 - Plain


Cam, SC+, Dual Ferrule, RH, Performer Series

Features & Benefits

This security option provides a way to secure the door seal directly at the cam and keeper, instead of at the lockrod handle. Holes are provided through the cam and the keeper, which line up when the lockrod in the closed position. This security seal is then attached through the cam and keeper, making the door impossible to open without the seal being broken. Compatibility with Powerbrace DL+ lockrod models Accepts barrier and integrity seals Requires only one RH Secura-Cam/Keeper Assembly per end-frame
Part Numbers

P44661 - Plain

Use Part With

Keeper, SC+, Bolt-on, RH, 0" offset, Performer Series


Type: Zero-Torque
Sizes: 1"
Materials: Steel (Plain)

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