Keeper, DL/CT, Bolt-on, 0" offset (Replaces P2093)
P44685 - HDG


Keeper, DL/CT, Bolt-on, 0" offset (Replaces P2093)

Features & Benefits

Dual-Lobe Zero-Torque Model Application. Dual-ferrule provides added anti-rack and end-load protection for marine/cargo container applications. Dual-Lobe, Zero-Torque models provide an ideal combination of benefits for the problems associated with trailer and container door securement. Zero-Torque cams provide 100% positive anti-rack control in all directions. Provides secure closure since the more load against the door from the inside, the tighter the lockrod engages. Dual-Lobe design provides "icebreaker" action, providing opening leverage that frees frozen or stuck doors, and overcomes stiff or frozen seals, regardless of door thickness. Keeper height: 2.0 inches
Part Numbers

P44685 - HDG

Use Part With

Cam, CT, LH Top/RH Bottom
Cam, CT, RH Top/LH Bottom
Cam, DL, LH Top/RH Bottom
Cam, DL, RH Top/LH Bottom
Cam, DL+, Dual-Ferrule, LH Top/RH Bottom
Cam, DL+, Dual-Ferrule, RH Top/LH Bottom


Type: Zero-Torque
Styles: Bolt-on
Materials: Steel (Galv.)