Hinge Butts, Pins, Bolts and Nuts

Hinge Butts

  • Weld-On Butts

    Powerbrace offers a full line of weld-on and bolt-on butts to match our Glide-Pro aluminum and steel hinges. 

For 2-3/4" Hinges (Weld On)

Part Type Finish
P11632971Steel StampingPlain
P11632975Steel StampingHot-Dip Galvanized
P11632977Stainless Steel Investment CastingPassivated

For 3" Hinges (Weld On)

Part Type Finish
P1172067Stainless Steel Investment CastingPassivated

For 4" Hinges (Weld On)

Part Type Finish
P1156061Steel stampingplain
P1156065Steel stampingHot-dip galavanized
P1356067Stainless steel investment castingPassivated
P11661Intermodal heavy dutyPlain
P11665Intermodal heavy dutyHot-dip galavanized
  • Bolt-on butt

    Extruded aluminum and fits all 2-3/4 inch extruded aluminum hinges.

  • Bolt-on butt stamped steel

    This bold-on butt fits all 4 inch hinges.

For 2-3/4" Hinges (Bolt-On)

Part Type Finish
P1169061Aluminum extrusionPlain
P1169101Aluminum extrusionPlain
P1169141Aluminum extrusionPlain
P1169181Aluminum extrusionPlain
P117401Aluminum extrusionPlain
P1175061Aluminum extrusionPlain
P1176061Aluminum extrusionPlain
P1165061Steel stampingPlain
P1165065Steel stampingHot-dip galvanized

For 4" Hinges (Bolt-On)

Part Type Finish
P1154061Steel stampingPlain
P1154065Steel stampingHot-dip galavanized

Hinge Pins, Bolts and Nuts

Nylock Nut

Part Size Finish
P1054017A1/2" - 13"Stainless steel
P1054013A1/2" - 13"Zinc plated


Part Size Finish For Use With
P1054097A1/2" - 5-1/4"Stainless steel4" Hinge
P1054123A1/2" - 5-1/4"Zinc plated4" Hinge
P1054143A1/2" - 4"Zinc plated2-3/4" Hinges
P1054147A1/2" - 4"Stainless Steel2-3/4" Hinges


Part Size Finish For Use With
P1054107A1/2" - 13 x 5-1/2"Stainless steel4" Hinge
P1054133A1/2" - 13 x 5-1/2"Zinc plated4" Hinge
P1054157A1/2" - 13 x 4"Stainless steel2-3/4" Hinges
P1054135A1/2" - 13 x 4"Zinv Plated2-3/4" Hinges

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